The right breed for your personality and lifestyle...


All too often, dogs and dog owners are not compatible in their personalities or lifestyle preferences. It is important to evaluate:


  1. Your living space - no matter how well your personality fits a particular breed, you have to make sure that your living arrangements match it too
  2. Your schedule - how available are you to provide your dog with the attention he/she needs?
  3. Your activity level - imagine your idea of a good time and be sure that your breed of choice fits within it
  4. Future lifestyle-altering events - events such as a geographical move, change in employment or work schedule, relationship change, decision to have children, health concerns, etc., can significantly impact your capacity for responsible dog ownership

Over 500 dog breeds exist in the world today, each varying in shape and size and exhibiting unique habits and personalities. Whether a small, large, or mixed dog breed, each breed type possesses distinctive characteristics. If you are in the market for a dog, The Urban Puppy Shop is available to assist you in making the breed choice best suited to your lifestyle and personality. We will spend the time asking the questions that will ensure you make the right decision as to the appropriate breed for you, your family and lifestyle.


The Urban Puppy Shop is committed to supporting you in developing a positive healthy relationship with your new puppy or dog.



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