Looking For A Dog Walking Service You Can Trust?


walkingWe offer a premium dog walking service, tailored to meeting the specific exercise needs of your dog, given age, breed and condition of health.


Our professional dog walkers are committed to providing reliable care and attention, encouraging good behavior and proper socialization, and ensuring safety at all times. Dogs are always under the careful control of the dog walker and never off-leash.


All of our dog walkers are:

  • Pre-screened
  • Passionate in their commitment
  • Trained specifically in dog handling
  • Canine first aid certified
  • Licensed, bonded




Private Walks (within 5kms of store location):

60 min:  $36.99

45 min:  $29.99

30 min:  $21.50


For families with 2 or more dogs:

60 min:  $46.99

45 min:  $39.99

30 min:  $31.50


All walks may be purchased as an add-on to daycare & boarding services.  We also offer discounted package rates for all private walks. Customized rates apply to all dog walking services beyond 5kms of store location.


In-home boarding & dog walking services:  Per arrangement 


For NEW CLIENTS interested in dog walking services, please download and carefully review our dog walking agreement. Please forward prior to initial use of any dog walking service.


To make arrangements for your dog to be walked, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call The Urban Puppy Shop at 604.736.0557. 



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