Your readiness to get a dog...

"A dog is a living thing." Choosing to bring a dog into your life, or that of your family, is a significant commitment of time, energy and money. While the return on your investment is great, you must remember that this is a lifetime commitment. The Urban Puppy Shop is here to help you assess your readiness for dog ownership.


  1. If you want a dog because "it's cool," think again! This is by far the worst reason to ever choose to buy a dog. Just because you have seen a particular breed on television or in a movie does not in anyway make that particular breed the right one for your lifestyle. Educate yourself and be honest in choosing the correct breed.

  2. If you want a dog "for protection," forget it...simple as that! Unless you are prepared to spend hundreds of hours in training yourself and your dog, you will only be putting yourself and your family and friends at risk - not to mention putting the dog at risk of having to be euthanized because you are unable to control their behaviour. Remember that a small breed dog will bark and alert you as quick as a large breed dog.

  3. If you want a dog to "give away as a gift" to a son, daughter, or girlfriend, remember, dogs don't make good gifts! This has to be your dog. After the honeymoon period with the new puppy or dog is over, you will have to be the primary caregiver who is committed to responsibly caring for the dog long-term.

  4. If you want a dog to "breed puppies," recognize that breeding is serious work that requires extensive research into the breed, temperament and health! You might think it is "romantic" to have a litter of puppies, but it takes a serious commitment of time and knowledge that most people do not have. There will be no financial gain to be had, and by the time it is over, you will have put your furry four-legged companion at risk. 


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